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Smoke extraction

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Full range of kZO smoke exhaust ducts and fittings. See more

Welded Products

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KLIMAT PRO offers full range of welded products. See more

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HVAC products laboratory

National technical assessments

Designer support

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Completion of custom orders

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Who we are

KLIMAT PRO offers a wide range of ventilation and smoke venting products. KLIMAT PRO products are delivered to a variety of sites: malls, water parks, hotels, manufacturing sites, chemical sites, printing shops and silos.

What makes us stand out

  • we manufacture a full range of ventilation components,
  • we manufacture custom ventilation components,
  • we provide technical support of experienced designers and builders,
  • we test products in our own modern HVAC products laboratory,
  • continuous product quality control.

KLIMAT PRO products

20 000 m2

40 000 m2

10 000 m2



rectangular products manufactured per month

spiro products manufactured per month

manufacture floor area

products manufactured in Poland

product schedules in the KLIMAT PRO range

Research and development

Our R&D department works on new products and the optimisation of currently offered solutions, including the reduction of system resistant, reduction of energy consumption or determination of product selection rules. The department has a well-equipped HVAC products laboratory, which tests new and upgraded product prototypes. Our R&D department works with the University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, through multiple stages of implementation of new products.