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NSZP floor slot diffusers in Termy Warmińskie

NSZP floor slot diffusers in Termy Warmińskie

2016.12.16; 9:21

Termy Warmińskie is the first thermal treatment facility in northern Poland. NSZP floor slot diffusers are an example of many KLIMAT PRO products used in the facility. The diffusers have been developed specifically for the ventilation of indoor swimming pools and rooms with large window or glass surfaces.

NSZP floor slot diffusers have 1 to 6 slots. The standard version is made of aluminium and powder coated in RAL 9006. It can be 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 mm long. The structure of NSZP diffusers is stiffened by additional brackets which improve its stability and ensure easier installation regardless of the length of the diffuser.

Advantages of NSZP floor slot diffusers:

  1. optimal distribution of air in the room,
  2. preventing evaporation and condensation on glass surfaces,
  3. low heat losses,
  4. low noise level,
  5. aesthetic solution.

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