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Directional swirl air diffuser NWK1

Directional swirl air diffuser NWK1

The directional swirl air diffuser has guide rings made of plastic which can be individually adjusted; thus, the diffuser blends very well the air discharged with the room air.


The swirl air diffuser is a final product of ventilation systems. Owing to the plastic guide rings, which can be individually adjusted, the diffuser blends very well the air discharged with the room air. It allows for an easy control of the supply air stream. Therefore, you get plenty of air with low noise. It is recommended for room heights from 2.6 to 4 m and where the supply air temperature amplitude to the room air temperature is not higher than 10K.


The kNWK1 directional swirl air diffuser with a rectangular front panel is made in the following dimensions:


           300/8                        400/16                              500/16                                        600/16

Wymiary kNWK1a 

                 500/24                                              600/24                                                600/ 48

Wymiary kNWK1b                    


 Wymiary kNWK1c

Special design

The front panel of the diffuser can be made of an acid-proof aluminium sheet.

At the customer's request, the plastic blades can be white. The diffuser can be painted in any RAL colour (polished, semi-matt or matt).



Adjustment of guide rings

The guide rings of the diffuser can be adjusted in any direction; thus, it is possible to form air swirls or direct the air stream at any side.


Regulacje NWK1/2

The size of the diffuser d

Dimension A(mm)

Air flow rate (m3/h)* Air flow resistance  p[Pa] Air stream range (m)
300/8 365 110-170 7-45 1.8-3.4
400/16 450 170-350 8-50 2-3.5
500/16 550 170-350 8-50 2-3.5
500/24 550 170-350 8-50 2-3.5
600/16 595 270-350 9-50 2-3.5
600/24 595 270-350 9-55 2-3.5
600/48 595 310-620 10-60 2.6-4.2
800/72 795 470-980 10-66 3.1-4.5

* as stated, the air flow rate is a recommended value